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New York City

MAIK NYC works with brilliant designers in Nairobi and elsewhere in Africa who employ the talents of local men & women to inspire and create fabulous jewelry and other fashion accessories. MAIK is a collection of their work, combining the bright, bold colors of Africa with sophisticated, one-of-a-kind designs you’ll be proud to wear.


Hand-Painted Leather "Wink" Sandal


Hand-Painted Leather "Wink" Sandal


Hand-Painted Leather "Wink" Sandal


Hand-painted leather sandals with brown leather and rubber soles handcrafted in Kenya by Ikwetta.

Sandals run a bit small/narrow.

We recommend ordering a size up for whole sizes and a size and half up for half sizes, or larger for wider feet.

Exchanges for unworn sandals due to size is completely understandable and encouraged: email us at to arrange.

Ikwetta is a brand of handcrafted leather sandals. The line is inspired by Kenya's great heritage and abundance of artisans who are skilled in the traditional Maasai beadwork. Bold colors define the brand’s aesthetic and the natural leather ages beautifully with time and wear. Ikwetta sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen combining the latest innovations in footwear with traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. 

Measurements are as follows:

Size 37- 9.5 inches long and 3.5 width (recommended for 5.5 or 6 US)

Size 38- 9.75 inches long and 3.5 width (recommended for 6.5 or 7 US)

Size 39- 10 inches long and 3.75 width (recommended for 7.5 or 8 US)

Size 40- 10.25 inches long and 3.75 width (recommended for 8.5 or 9 US)

Size 41- 10.5 inches long and 3.75 width (recommended for 9.5 or 10 US)

Size 42- 10.75 inches long and 4 inch width (recommended for 10.5 or 11 US)

Size 43- 11 inches long and 4 inch width (recommended for 11.5 or 12 US or a wide 10/11)

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