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New York City

MAIK NYC works with brilliant designers in Nairobi and elsewhere in Africa who employ the talents of local men & women to inspire and create fabulous jewelry and other fashion accessories. MAIK is a collection of their work, combining the bright, bold colors of Africa with sophisticated, one-of-a-kind designs you’ll be proud to wear.


Blue Leopard Leather Beaded Bracelet


Blue Leopard Leather Beaded Bracelet


Blue Leopard Leather Beaded Bracelet


Inspired by the leopards found throughout Kenya and especially in the Masai Mara Wildlife Preserve, Designer Vicky Chignall created this animal patterned bracelet. The sewn beading on leather alternates blue/black/gold. The cuff is 1.25” high. Sizes vary, most are about  2.5-3" in diameter. Please email us at info@maiknyc after you order if you prefer a larger or smaller size and we will do our best to accommodate. 

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Designer Vicky Chignall employs groups of women in rural Kenya to create these bracelets. The talented craftswomen typically have no other source of income. The money they receive is an important source of wages and is used primarily to help pay for their children’s school fees.